Fighting Spirit

By June 30, 2014Article, General
daisy in bathroom

Yep, those are the daisies in my bathroom. And uh, ignore the dirty counter.

A few weeks ago, my wife exclaimed: “I can’t believe these little daisies. I can’t believe they’re still alive!” I was like, whatever. Flowers. Meh.

Then a few days ago, she repeated her exclamation. But this time, she showed me the tiny little vase with 4 little daisies. They were cut from the original so just the stem and flowers sat in water, unattended for months as decoration in our bathroom. They received little sunlight and the water itself hadn’t been changed. Somehow, these little guys not only survived, but seem to be happily flourishing in plain water for months.

Now, as a man I’ve bought the dozen roses thing for my wife many times. What a rip off. Roses last a week at best and then die. But not so these little daisies. As I’ve grown older and more experienced in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I’ve come to realize that a fighting spirit can be found in the most surprising things. I believe these daisies are one of them. Yes, yes. I know. These are flowers. How can these possibly relate to jiu-jitsu? Why would anyone want to relate them to jiu-jitsu?

Yet THAT is the lesson, no? Maybe these daisies are just biologically designed to survive on plain water for months. I dunno. All I know is that they’re surviving where others would have died long ago. Flower or not, that’s a fighter in my book.

So now I’ve since claimed these daisies as my own and they sit on my desk, to remind me daily that a fighting spirit can be found in unexpected forms. Even in 4 little girly flowers that shouldn’t ever relate to jiu-jitsu. And so daily I strive, like these daisies, to survive and flourish in whatever difficult circumstance I find myself in, on the mats and off.